We've now met up with the Bristol University and it appears there will be a future for riding at Still, although the woods aren't going to reopen immediately.

In the wake of the closure a lot of work is scheduled for the site, including forestry, improvements to access and an ecological survey. The work is going to continue throughout 2010.

We've been invited to go back to the University once this is completed and discuss terms for using the woods. Things are probably going to start small at first but it's possible that it could be built up into a proper riding venue over time. Any agreement to allow mountain biking there will probably take the form of a short-term licence to begin with, which will be subject to conditions and renewable yearly.

Much of the site work that is planned this year is essential before any future trail building can start. As anyone who used the site regularly knows, the access tracks are in a terrible state for much of the year, and the woodland hasn't been actively managed or surveyed for years. By conducting the work itself, the University is taking on tasks that we would otherwise have to do ourselves. Needless to say, we’d ask that everyone continue to respect the current ban on riding and building, and also any temporary closures of the wood which need to take place due to forestry and ground works.

We'll be keeping in touch with the University and once the current round of work is completed in a few months' time we'll let you know what the score is. Thanks again for all your support!

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Posted by Antony on Wednesday, 17 February 2010
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Save Still Woods

On 29 October 2009, Bristol's only purpose-built downhill mountain biking venue, Still Woods, a.k.a the Plantation, was closed to mountain bikers by land owners Bristol University.

Help us work with the University to ensure the woods future as a respected mountain bike venue for all.